Website is back

So the website is back. Lost it for a while to a greedy hat company. Joke’s on them as I doubt it helped them sell any hats. Anyways, we’ve put out a new record. Click the picture to go to bandcamp to stream or free download.




Hey y’all,

We, The Slizneys, recently released our long toiled record on iTunes.
Certified Organic iTunes Link

To accompany that we released a video.
Time Machine Video Link

Time Machine will be played on this weekend’s count down “The Fresh 5” on SiriusXM channel 173 + 161

Also, this summer another project, The Gringods, released an album
Rock ‘n’ Roll Charcuterie

If you’re new to the Slizneys thanks for checking us out and if you’re an old friend, thanks for staying interested.


You’ve found it. You’re here and it’s good to see you. I thought that I might never see you again. It made sad. I started thinking about that time that we did that thing together. That was the best, a pivotal moment in my life. I hope it meant the same to you. Gosh, it’s good to see you again.